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  • RONIN Group
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Located in the heart of Toronto
  • Address:
  • 16 Yonge Street, Suite 2012
  • Toronto, ON  M5E 2A1
  • President:
  • Anand Daté
  • Tel: 416-518-4437


Launching in the Summer of 2009, RONIN Group will be offering training and development programs for recruitment, human resources and resource management professionals. Fundamental concepts will be introduced in the first phases of training, gradually being reinforced and elaborated upon as the training continues.

Topics will include: management of external vendors, influencing internal hiring managers, business and personal time management, ethics, and crisis management. Each training program will add knowledge using an interactive style of teaching. Similar to physical training programs, where proper technique and repetition result in increased fitness levels, so too will your work effectiveness improve. The practicing of sound fundamentals will lead to a reduction in workplace issues. For unique situations, an ability to rely upon and trust basic principles will assist in seeing a clearer path to find a solution.


Contract Corporate Recruiter - Yellow Belt Session

  • Date: May 2009
  • Venue: Toronto (location TBA)